Friday, December 13, 2013

Tis the season!

I'm apparently not very good at this blog thing. This time I will blame the holidays! Jac is doing wonderful! He has grown so much in such a small amount of time. It's funny how the smallest milestones are the most exciting thing EVER when you are a new parent. Jac found his hands, started sucking his thumb, rolled over on his side to sleep, started laughing (which is the most beautiful sound I've ever heard) and yelling (not so beautiful, but really funny). We had pictures with Santa, and are getting very excited for our first Christmas as a family of 3 (well 4 if you count Bear)! Can you believe Christmas is only 12 days away? Where did 2013 go? Hope everyone is doing well and has an amazing Christmas and New Years!

First Halloween!

Cutest Little Frankenstein Butt EVER!

First "Outsider" Babysitter ;)

Go Mountaineers!
Matthew & Popper with Appalachian Jac!
Best Infant Carrier "they" ever made

Dad & Laurie with our munchkin

Happiest baby on the block!

Mom with the little man

SANTA!!! I know him!

Toys? What toys?

Oh my gosh. I'm so excited I'm about to bounce out of this bouncy seat. Not even gonna lie.

Turkey Jac

Stuffed Turkey Jac & Daddy

Cute Little Family :)

Have you seen my football? Its awesome.

Worlds most amazing old man with the worlds most amazing baby man. Enough said.

3 Months! Stop growing now!

Slight difference?

Thumb sucking it is...

Just hanging with my dog. That wont share her toys.

Seriously one of the biggest smiles he has ever had. Thanks Lisa for babysitting last night!

Well that's all for now! Merry Merry!

Ok. One last picture. I know everyone loves Baby Jac, obviously, who wouldn't? But Granddaddy and Grams have Jac on a higher pedestal then anyone I think. Those are a couple of happy cats right there. Grams isn't pictured (she is taking the picture), but I know her happy is just as big.

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