Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Our little pumpkin!

The last 2 months have flown by! I have been neglectful to our poor blog so buckle your seat belts, this is gonna be a long one!

First of all, I cannot believe Jac was this small! I just had to post this picture, I couldn't help it!

One Month old at the end of September!

Aunt Megan came for a visit! The weekend was too short but we loved having her :)

We love walks!

Let me just say this is a well traveled baby. Before he was 2 months old he made it to the mountains for his first Appalachian State game. He did so well! He basically slept the entire time!

Then we made a trip to the beach. Sadly our Uncle Arthur passed away. We traveled the Wrightsville Beach to celebrate his accomplished life. I learned so many neat facts about him. He was a Navy pilot, a pediatrician, he helped start a preschool at the United Methodist Church, and so much more! He was one special man & he will be truly missed!

This is just a cool picture Adam took while we flew to Wrightsville Beach.

While the majority of the family was in Wrightsville Beach, Aunt Cece & Uncle Tracy got to spend the day with our little man in Atlantic Beach! We all made it back for dinner together.

Just a little side note, Aunt Cece and Uncle Tracy were the first ones EVER to watch Jac so Mommy & Daddy could go to dinner. It was a big step for Mommy, but we did it!

Before we left the beach we took a little walk on the boardwalk!

We have gotten our first smiles here recently! Not just the ones in his sleep!

Jac loves bath time!

Our sweet friends in Natchez sent us a package full of goodies! We had to get a picture of Jac with his personalized Natchez gear!

Bear loves her little bald puppy ;)

And finally, Jac was 2 months old yesterday! He is our happy baby! We can't imagine life without him!

In 2 months we have learned so much! Let me just tell you a schedule is so very important when you have a little one. Jac was on a schedule by day two of daycare thanks to Ms. Jill, the lead teacher in Jac's class. Jac has done very well with daycare! Mommy has slowly transitioned back into work. We transitioned from the bassinet to the crip 2 weeks ago! That was a tough one too, but now he sleeps all night long! We go for his 2 month check up tomorrow. He will get his first set of shots. Mommy is well armed with baby tylonal! Jac has started to hold his head up pretty well by himself. He is starting to want to play! He loves his play mat, his swing & his bouncy seat. Daycare says he loves the Bumbo too! I haven't tried it at home yet, but I will soon. It's been so much fun watching him grow! We can't wait for what's to see what he gets into next!

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