Saturday, March 1, 2014

1/2 Year

Happy 6 Months to our sweet boy! In 6 short months Jac has captured our hearts & has us wrapped around his little finger. We have learned so much in 6 months. Most importantly that having a child of our own is by far the most amazing experience that no one could have prepared us for. The good thing about blogging is that it makes you stop and think about all the sweet memories you have made. Sometimes we get so caught up in the hustle & bustle of everyday routine that we need a moment to stop & enjoy our little blessing. So lets rewind a bit and catch up where we left off last blog...

First up, we had our first Christmas! Jac is such a butterball. He looks squished up and uncomfortable in 1/2 these pictures, but he is still adorable!
Mrs. Clause at Rotary
Santa at Rotary
Merry Christmas Day! He was watching everyone open presents.
Then Jac was 4 months old!

Then we rang in a new year!

First attempt at cereal. Unsuccessful. 

First attempt at sitting up. Unsuccessful. 
First attempt at food. Prunes. SUCCESS!!
First Snow!
First time for Mommy back on the mountain in 2 years!

5 Months Old!

First Valentines Day! Auntie Paige was his valentine :)

Very big day for Jac. He was baptized on Sunday, February 16, 2014! Mommy became a member of the church that day too. Lots of family came to his special day, and everyone had to have a picture! (Not pictured: Grandma Laurie, Auntie Cece & Uncle Tracy)
Grandpa, Great-Grandpa & Jac
Grandma & Jac
Great-Grandma & Jac
Great-Grandpa & Jac
Great-Gran & Jac
Granddaddy & Jac
Mommy, Jac, Great-Grandma, Great-Grandpa & Daddy
Jac, Grams & Granddaddy
Grams & Jac
Aunt Popper, Uncle Matthew & Jac
Our little family!
New milestones!

Loves to play on the floor!
Sitting up!
Froyo dates! 
Climbing out of our rocking playtime chairs.
Seems I need to start using the pack & play while I get ready for work.
And last but not least, today Jac is 6 Months Old! I cannot keep him still to save my life so I thought lots of pictures were appropriate. His little personality is coming out more & more. I think you can see some of it in these pictures.

Much love to all!

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