Monday, August 12, 2013

Ice Cream & Fried Chicken!

The shower for Baby Jac was on August 3rd! Let me just tell you this is one lucky baby! Aunt Popper did a wonderful job planning the ice cream themed shower & it was just fabulous! Every detail was just amazing! There was a ice cream bar, "melted" ice cream cone cake, root beer floats, "about to pop" popcorn favors & so much more! Thank you to Aunt Popper & everyone who helped out & came to the shower!

Baby Jac was definitely showered with gifts! He got just about everything you could possibly think of that a baby would need!

But that's not all! There was a cookout later in the evening for all of our friends to attend! Aunt Popper & Uncle Matthew (lovingly known as Uncle Junebug) had a bunch of us over at their house for some yummy pulled pork & fried chicken! There was even a pot of macaroni & cheese for Adam! I will post pictures soon! There were a million cameras & not one of them was mine. I'm blaming pregnancy brain for that ;)

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